10 Handy iPad Apps to Create Instructional Multimedia Materials for Your Class

Academic environments love iPads, that’s why we are glad to present you a set of great apps that you can use to create instructional media for your class. These apps will allow you to design a variety of multimedia productions to share with students.

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Stick Around

Design labelling, sorting, and matching puzzles for your students using stick around. Play as a group, hand your iPad to students, or share to other iPads.

Explain Everything

Use Explain Everything to record your voice as you draw on a whiteboard. You can also import images and video and add annotations and animations.


Educreations turns your iPad into a recordable whiteboard. Videos are uploaded to your page on educreations.com

VideoScribe HD

Create animated videos with VideoScribe HD by placing text and illustrations on a canvas. Your narration plays as a hand draws what's on the canvas.


Share beautiful step-by-step how-to guides using Snapguide. Take or import photos or video and add captions. Guides are published on snapguide.com

Haiku Deck

Create stunning slideshows with Haiku Deck. Simply enter your text to see copyright-friendly images that you can use as backgrounds.


Create, edit, present, and share presentations that zoom and rotate using Prezi. Insert text and images onto a large canvas. Uploads to Prezi.com

Strip Designer

Craft your own comic strip pr book with Strip Designer. Select a template, insert photos, and add balloons.


Use Audioboo to record up to 10 minutes of audio. Every recording generates a link that you can copy and share.


Songify turns speech into singing. Your voice is auto-tuned and combined wit music.